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MyGriefAssist is a place where you will find a broad range of helpful information on loss and grief. Coping with grief can be a daunting, difficult time in anyone's life. Whether you're looking to support someone you know or if you need help for yourself, you'll find something valuable here.

Grief is a very natural and normal reaction which we go through whenever our lives are challenged by change, loss or death. Yet something so natural as grief is often not well understood in our society. This means people’s needs are often misunderstood leaving them feeling anxious, hurt and alone.

This website aims to bring you practical, contemporary information in the form of easy to read factsheets, book lists, videos and links to grief related support services.

For something a little different we have created our inspirations –  postcards, quotes, songs and movie titles – all themed around loss and grief, growth and new beginnings. We regularly add new material, information and updates.

Free Postcards

Thoughtful reflections to read or download and print.

Grief Inspiration and Resources

Below is a variety of resources designed to provide you with helpful information like our Factsheets, Videos, Book list and Links to support services as well as our Inspirations – Quotations, Songs, Movies and Poetry – all sharing themes of love and loss, grief and new beginnings.

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We recommend you begin with our exclusive, moving grief story video 'Coping with Your Grief'.

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Recommended books with titles on loss, grief, cancer, suicide, dementia, children's grief and more.

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A selection of modern and traditional favourites evoking emotions and memories.

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Free factsheets covering a wide range of subjects. They are yours to download, print and share.

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A categorised list of movies themed around the human experience of loss and grief.

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Quotes and a variety of poems offer words of wisdom that can guide our thoughts and feelings.

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Informative Grief Videos

This exclusive video 'Coping with your grief' by Doris
Zagdanski describes the impact of grief, complemented by beautiful photography and set to music.

Doris Zagdanski answers questions adults often ask. She includes how to explain death, burial or cremation, and how to include children in funerals and viewings.

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Grief Awareness Month



Grieve Writing Competition



Benefits of Scrapbooking


Helpful Grief Links

CanTeen - Young people living with cancer
SIDS and Kids - Still birth & neonatal support
Breast Cancer Network Australia - Breast cancer support & information
Bereaved by suicide - For individuals & families bereaved by suicide

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