Books on cancer

Cancer For Two


David Bennett, from his own experience, tells us what we might expect at two levels after a diagnosis of cancer. He writes of the medical sequence and emotional consequences on him and his wife, Ann. We learn of the work of specialists and doctors in traditional medicine and of their teaching in complementary medicine. Having an informed insight into both the hard edge of surgery and a protective lifestyle for his future, David shares here, in a readable and entertaining style, what he learned. Uniquely, Ann writes her own commentaries on the events described in the chapters. Her moving reflections on them help us to understand the role of carers and cancer's, often-overlooked effects upon them.

Living With Leukaemia


This is an excellent book which is useful not only to patients and their relations, but also the scientific community working in the field of oncology. The principle and practice of oncology has been narrated in simple language so that it can be understood, not only by scientific people but also by health workers, patients and their relatives.

Positive - Finding Life In The Midst Of Cancer


Reeling from the death of her mother from cancer, Sally Collings saw nothing positive whatsoever about the disease. But then she read that two out of three cancer survivors and their families consider something good has come of their experience and she decided to find out more. She sought out people who had encountered cancer - either personally or through someone close - and delved into what they thought.

Secret Garden Of Spirituality


Secret Garden of Spirituality is a book about hope and living life well and purposefully. It offers glimpses into eternity and explores, in a whimsical way, the secret garden of the soul. There are words of advice and common-sense, reflections and recollections and an abiding belief that faith enables us to find the heaven within and to live that out in the world. The secret garden of each person's spirituality is unique and inviolable; a place to nurture the interior self, a place where goodness can grow.

Secrets Of Cancer Survivors


In this ground-breaking book, Elizabeth Gould details her own story as well as the stories of five cancer survivors. No diets or miracle cures, but a practical step-by-step approach to describing the emotional and physical journey through cancer into remission. Using her experience as a writer as well as a survivor, Elizabeth interviewed five other survivors all with different cancers and backgrounds to instil the 'secrets' to surviving cancer to complete her book 'Secrets of Cancer Survivors'. This is a book of hope, survival and how to discover your own path through an enormous physical and mental challenge.

So You have Prostate Cancer Too!


This book covers all aspects of prostate cancer in an easy-to-read format: Active Surveillance; Mind-Body Medicine; Surgery and Radiotherapy; Nutrition; Supplements; Exercise; New Initiatives; Rising PSA and the support person's perspective

Surviving Cancer - Inspiring Stories Of Hope And Healing


For many people, the diagnosis of cancer seems like a death sentence... but it need not necessarily be so. Surviving Cancer brings us stories of hope and inspiration, from people who have successfully recovered from all kinds of cancers- even some against medical odds. We become aware of just how much more than pure medical/surgical treatment is involved in bringing about successful survival. The way we live, think and focus all come into play. Diet, meditation and finding the right mindset and strategies are powerful survival tools. A holistic approach melding body, mind and spirit, allow the body to unleash its full healing power.

The Emperor of Maladies


The story of cancer is a human one – a tale of chance discoveries, seized opportunities and human endurance. From innovative but brutal early surgical treatments to the Curies' ultimately tragic work with radiation, from Sidney Faber's hugely risky discovery of chemotherapy to the author's treatment of his own patients, this riveting book recounts a centuries long conflict.

The Gynaecological Cancer Guide: Sex, Sanity & Survival


This book has been written for women with gynaecological cancer, their carers, family, colleagues and medical support teams. For the first time a book is available that provides information on the critical issues that gynaecological cancer survivors commonly experience, the range of gynaecological cancers and the treatment options available. An important aspect of the book is the survivor interviews - their very frank and honest comments through the book will be of great help to the reader.

The Home Health Guide To A Cancer-Free Family


The Home Health Guide to A Cancer-Free Family describes in a clear and practical way how to achieve a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle, and at the same time reducing the chances of developing cancer. It also shows how cancer, or even a pre-cancerous condition, can be detected early and cured. You will come back to this easy-to-use reference manual again and again.

You Can Conquer Cancer


Ian Gawler is Australia's best-known cancer survivor. His book, You Can Conquer Cancer was a revolutionary book when first published in 1984. It has been reprinted sixteen times and translated into German, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, Swedish, Hebrew, Indonesian, Polish, Sinhalese, Thai, Czech and Korean. It has become a classic and one of the most widely-read books on the subject of cancer prevention and management.