Books on mindfulness and gratitude

Finding Joy Within


Finding Joy Within shows us the steps to finding true joy again. It is about potential, the potential for all of us to live the life we most want to live, a life where we express our values in all that we do. The aim is to learn to let go of all the things that hold us back from expressing who we truly are in our lives. Joy is not 'happiness'. Joy is something deeper. It is closer to a state of peace than it is to happiness. This book will take us there.

Know Thyself


Using his experience as a medical doctor and his interest in philosophy and psychology, Dr Hassed's stress release programme teaches 'mindfulness', a simple and effective way of relieving the stress and fatigue that we experience in this modern life. Mindfulness increases self-awareness and observation which helps us all in our day to day lives, both professional and personal. Know Thyself is a practical guide which explains the link between our mind and body and teaches a program of renewal to find the balance that we all need.

Meditation Pure And Simple


Knowing the basics of meditation and overcoming the problems many beginners have, are perhaps the two most important aspects of meditation when you first begin. This book will help you through the difficult times many people experience at first and encourage even the most reluctant person to become dedicated to daily meditation.

Peace Of Mind


This book fully explains the techniques of meditation and the many benefits that can be obtained from the practice of meditation, visualisation and positive thinking. The author places emphasis upon the fact that a state of peace of mind is now recognised as essential for well-being and perfect health.

Secret Garden Of Spirituality


Secret Garden of Spirituality is a book about hope and living life well and purposefully. It offers glimpses into eternity and explores, in a whimsical way, the secret garden of the soul. There are words of advice and common-sense, reflections and recollections and an abiding belief that faith enables us to find the heaven within and to live that out in the world. The secret garden of each person's spirituality is unique and inviolable; a place to nurture the interior self, a place where goodness can grow.

The Book Of Gentle Wisdom


The Book of Gentle Wisdom is a collection of inspirational quotes chosen to bring peace and tranquillity to the reader. Many of the chosen passages inspire heartfelt emotion and remind us of the dimension to existence that is often ignored in the hustle and bustle of modern life. Meditations on beauty, wonder, loss, life and more from the likes of Tennyson, George Eliot and Henry Van Dyke.

Think Less Be More - Mental Detox for Everyone


Stressed? Can't cope? Don't know which way to turn? Overburdened at work, at home? Welcome to life in the 21st century!

Only when your mind is calm and clear can you feel truly alive and achieve your goals. Think Less Be More offers insightful strategies on how we can help ourselves - and others - to become free from the limitations and negative influence of our own thinking. It contains an Eight Week 'Mental Detox' program based on principles of cognitive behaviour which is used by teachers of mindfulness and therapists.