Books on parents' grief



Inspired by the death of her nine year old Nathan who was hit by a car in 2001. Karen writes about many of the issues that she faced and what she learned. She describes practices she embraced to open each door that grief presented to see a way through.

Do I Have To Say Goodbye?


Losing a child to cot death is one of the hardest things any parent will have to experience. Writing about that experience is even harder. Kevin McNamara has ripped open his chest cavity and gone inside and pulled out his heart and laid it bare on the table. His fascinating journey from his own birth, to his daughter's birth and then her death at five months of age, is heartbreaking and inspiring. Anyone who has suffered through grief or loss will resonate with his touching descriptions of the grieving process and the way in which he handled his emotions.

Mick, Send Me A Butterfly


The story of the life of Michael Grennan and the love Mick brought to all who knew him. Lorraine Grennan, a devoted and caring mother, has written of her love for her son Mick and the sad years after his death. Her frank story will strike a chord with bereaved parents everywhere as they struggle with their own challenges of grief.

On Children And Death


On Children and Death is a major addition to the classic works of Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, whose On Death and Dying and Living with Death and Dying has been a continuing source of strength and solace for tens of millions of devoted readers worldwide. Based on a decade of working with dying children, this compassionate book offers the families of dead and dying children the help -- and hope -- they need to survive. In warm, simple language, Dr. Kübler-Ross speaks directly to the fears, doubts, anger, confusion, and anguish of parents confronting the terminal illness or sudden death of a child.

Our Babies Have Died


Stories of Miscarriage, Stillbirth and Neonatal Death contains the stories of parents who have unselfishly shared them so that others may benefit. It has been the experience of the organisation SANDS, that parents of babies who have died wish to talk about their experiences, listen to those of others and confirm that the experiences they endure after the death of their child are often common amongst other bereaved parents. These stories are at times heartbreaking, brave and sensitive while showing an insight into the strength of the human condition.

The Child Within


In this book, the author talks to women who tell of the struggle and sadness of facing infertility or loss through miscarriage and the accompanying merry-go-round of tests, treatment and trauma. While struggling to keep up a brave front, these women plunge to the depths of despair, hating their bodies, and often their partners, and longing for the one thing they believe will make them whole - a baby.