Tip Sheet - Create a Eulogy

A eulogy is the tribute which is given to honour someone’s life. Usually a family member or close friend is asked to do this and there may be more than one tribute in order to cover different aspects of the person’s life.

Eulogies may cover everything from early childhood, school days, career, family life – parents, siblings, marriage, children and grandchildren to personal qualities, hobbies, club memberships and highlights throughout the lifetime.

For a eulogy with a difference, here’s an idea. Complete these statements and you’ll have a really good picture of someone’s personality, their likes and dislikes  – you’ll not only jog memories, you’ll create some laughs, brighten the mood and maybe even surprise a few people. 

  • His/her nick name
  • His/her favourite food
  • His/her favourite sport
  • His/her favourite holiday place
  • His/her favourite book
  • His/her favourite song or singer
  • His/her favourite actor
  • His/her favourite saying
  • His/her favourite piece of advice
  • His/her favourite colour
  • His/her favourite pastime
  • His/her favourite TV show or movie
  • His/her favourite pet
  • His/her favourite dessert
  • His/her favourite joke
  • His/her best advice
  • And now to balance the books, you might want to add …..
  • His/her most annoying habit
  • His/her pet aversion
  • His/her least favourite person on TV
  • His/her greatest fear
  • His/her most embarrassing moment