Tip Sheet - Adding A Personal Touch

How To Make Funerals More Authentic

There are endless ways you can add your own ideas to make a farewell memorable and reflect the lifetime and personality of the person who has died.

Here are some suggestions to think about:

  • Create a colourful photo board to welcome guests when they arrive
  • Show a life story through a DVD photo and music presentation
  • Make a memorabilia display of personal items
  • Decorate the coffin – with handprints, special messages, signatures
  • Have a custom built Enviroboard LifeArt coffin – personalised with photos or scenery of your choice
  • Bring your family pet to the ceremony
  • Form a guard of honour 
  • Ask team mates or club members to come dressed in uniform or club colours
  • Drive past the family home on the way to the cemetery or crematorium
  • Release doves or balloons or butterflies
  • Video the ceremony or have it streamed to interstate and overseas family 
  • Keep a lock of hair
  • Consider the time of day for the ceremony – perhaps a candlelit twilight service followed by a cocktail party is more reminiscent of the person
  • Live musicians – bagpipes, harp, singer, jazz band
  • Military honours – RSL tribute with poppies and Last Post included in the ceremony
  • Have take home mementos for guests - bookmarks or photo cards or even a favourite recipe
  • Theme our chapel with a favourite colour and decorate with it personal effects 
  • Ask guests to wear a special colour or hat or tie – something that reflects the person’s style or character 
  • Create an online memorial on Heavenaddress.com – invite family and friends to add their own tributes and photos
  • Choose a venue that reflects the person’s life – golf club, garden, beach, or the backyard at home