Here is a broad range of videos including personal stories of overcoming adversity, song clips and our own highlight 'Coping with your Grief'.

Coping With Your Grief

This exclusive video by Doris Zagdanski describes the impact of grief, complemented by beautiful photography and music.

What can I do to help someone I know who is grieving?

In this video Doris Zagdanski discusses a range of ways you can help someone you know who is grieving, and well-intended approaches that can do more harm than good.

Myths and truths about grief

In this video Doris Zagdanski shares truths around some common myths about grief and grieving.

Let's talk about grief - explaining death to children

In this video Doris Zagdanski answers questions which adults often ask. She includes how to explain death, burial or cremation, and how to include children in funerals and viewings. Watch the full extended version here.

Men and Grief

In this video grief specialist Craig Findlay talks about how men do their grieving.

Coping with Reminders on Special Days

In this video, Doris Zagdanski discusses one of the challenges that grieving people must face - coping with all the reminders that can trip them up, and how to deal with them in a healthy way.

Why Funerals Matter

Our animated short film is based on a true story about the importance of having a funeral service.

Funerals are about saying goodbye, about ‘good grief’ for adults and for children. A funeral provides a safe and appropriate place to show and share our feelings with each other. Sometimes we can underestimate the value of having a funeral where family and friends are welcome and come together to support each other.

Video Tribute Examples

In Praise of Pets

Watch MyGriefAssist's tribute to pets.

Father & Son

An inspirational story of Patrick Henry Hughes, who was born blind and crippled and yet now plays the piano beautifully and “marches” in the Louisville marching band – all with the help and dedication of his father.

The Piano - Animated Short Film

An old man shares his life story with his young grandchild through evocative music. Composed by Yann Tiersen and animated by Aidan Gibbons.

Brighter Days by Leeland

A moving song about hope. Written and performed by Texan Christian rock band, Leeland.

Funeral Blues - Stop All The Clocks

Actor John Hannah, playing Matthew in the 1994 film 'Four Weddings and a Funeral', reads WH Auden’s 1936 poem 'Funeral Blues' which became famous after it was featured in this film.

Wish You Were Here by Delta Goodrem

Written and performed by Delta Goodrem (with Gary Clark) who hopes “this song means something to others that have been through the pain of losing someone special”.